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Software for prepackaged food labelling

Preamble: ChocEtiq is originally an software in French language: the functionalities and documentation provided in English language constitute a translation, but only the French version is a reference.

ChocEtiq is a utility intended to facilitate labels printing for prepackaged food products on standards labels and printers, by taking care of the essential rules of the Consumer code (and associated European directives).


CAUTION: this regulation can vary during time, according to certain national laws, or according to rules specific to certain food sectors. It belongs to any user, and under his only responsibility, to make sure of the coherence of the labels produced with the regulation.

Chocetiq allows thus

to define the composition of final products (by indications of the ingredients and their categories) by specifying the allergens, or of "packages" of already defined products,

to calculate the lists of the ingredients and allergens to be presented on the labels

to calculate the dates of consumption, the prices by kilogram, by liter

to print these labels according to a parameter setting freely defined, on all formats of labels.

Chocetiq allows also a division of information; for example, a manufacturer can communicate the records of description of his products, to allow others to create the labels necessary either to the individual product, or with the batches which could be made up of its products.

Chocetiq limits the consumption of the sheets supports of labels, by managing if possible the add on the same sheet of different labels.

In the ChocEtiq application, one understands by:

Category: a category of ingredients, allowing their classification

Ingredient: a basic ingredient (basic, but so additive commodities)

Product: an final product made up of ingredient, likely to be prepackaged

Package: a prepackaged whole of products, such as for example a chocolate box of the various types, each type constituting one of the products of the package.

For implementation a fast of all these possibilities, consult the Utilization heading.

Registering software :

Chocetiq is a protected application whose user must have a user license. During the first use of the application the user is invited to seize the name of user and the password which were provided to him to reach the service of update, and after being themselves connected to validate his recording on line.

If the user is not connected at the time of this phase, the registering could be done later on at the time of the first update.

If the application is completely functional in all the cases, the use of a not recorded version is limited to 15 minutes per session, Chocetiq being automatically closed when this time is reached, and with 50 launchings.


To acquire a user license (and thus the name of user and the password necessary to unlock the application), go to

The license, that user can acquire on line or by postmail, is at price of 245 € without VAT (meaning with VAT 20 %, 294 €). This registering allows

- unlock for all software limits

+ access during two years to all software updates

No assistance of any kind will be provided to non registered users.

Update of the application:

In the order "Update" the button "To seek a new version" makes it possible to question a distant location on the existence of a new version available. If this update is available, are automatically recovered:

- the new version of the application

- this help file, in French and English

- the file of the history of evolutions HISTORIQUE.TXT and HISTORIQUEEN.TXT

- various linguistic resources necessary

- the empty database used for exports and structure's evolution

- printed reports necessary

If the parameter "Updated automatic" is activated, a distant search for a new version starts with each launching of the application. By defect, this parameter is deactivated for reason of confidentiality: indeed, the activation of the "automatic update" implies a systematic access to the distant location during any starting of the application, from where location in the files logs of the site of all reaching.

CAUTION: the functions of update (manual or automatic) require the seizure of an address of update, but also of a name of user and a password (for more information, to see up to date heading)

Extensions of files suitable for Chocetiq:

ChocEtiq manages a single model of file of import/export of extension .CEI, of which the type of contents (packages, products, labels) is automatically detected.

A double click at the work station on a file carrying this extension automatically starts the launching of Chocetiq and the loading of the file concerned. The same this type of file can launch the application automatically if it is received by mail.

For further information, consult website


Help summary :




Formats of the labels


General parameters


Structure of the database


Linguistic resources




Sending by mail




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